The official site of the
Antibes Raft Race Association
(A non-profit making Association registered at Grasse under the Law of 1st July, 1901 - No: W061002809)

8 Avenue Mirabeau,
06600 Antibes,

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Safety Notice



Raft Racing is fun, but for obvious reasons of safety the Raft Race Committee draws your attention to the following points and asks you to acknowledge your understanding of and agreement to them to your RaftMaster. Our Motto is: 'Who Cares Who Wins'. Please help us make sure that everyone has a fun, but safe, day on RaftRaceDay.

1. Paddling around Port Vauban on home made rafts wearing fancy dress is tiring, and can be dangerous unless you look after yourself, and your RaftMates, and treat other people (RaftRacers and General Public) with consideration.

2. As a RaftRacer, you will certainly get wet, and most probably end up in the water so you must be able to swim. If you can't - don't be too upset - the committee have lots of other jobs you can help with which do not involve falling into the water.

3. The Antibes Raft Race is well organised by a committee who have been Raft Racers over the years. They know the problems. They have Safety Boats, Divers, Medical Teams and Marshals on hand to look after you if you get into trouble, or are just feeling exhausted. They can only assist if you are obviously in distress (like floating face down in the water) or if you tell them. To call for assistance - wave both arms from your side to over your head, and keep doing it until you see that assistance is heading for you. If you see another person in need of assistance, wave your arms then point to the person in distress. If your Raft is sinking, call for assistance at the earliest opportunity. It is much easier to embark the Safety Boat from even a sinking raft than it is from the water.

4. Make sure that you wear your lifejacket at all times when near or on the water. This is especially important when launching the Rafts - a frequent cause of bodily immersion.

5. Expect to be hosed down by fire hoses from yachts in the Port. If it is getting too severe, shout STOP and they will do. Wear appropriate protective clothing with this in mind.


6. Traditionally, Rafts carry harmless ammunition (like flour bombs or water bombs) which they throw at other Rafts. Please keep the ammunition harmless, and do not press home an attack if it is causing obvious discomfort to the recipient. And please - NO EGGS!

7. Under no circumstances must spectators, yachts, judges, marshals or organisers be subject to any form of attack or dousing. Apart from the danger of them being hurt or worse, they will be wearing their normal clothes and probably carrying mobile phones and other valuables which will be ruined or lost. We expect many children to be amongst the onlookers.


Have a Great Day on RaftRaceDay, thanks for taking part, and look after yourself.

Gary Morton,

Antibes Raft Race Association


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