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29th February 2012 NIGHT TO REMEMBER. Our 'First Class Passengers Only' Evening "TITANIC" Fancy Dress Party on Saturday 21st April 2012 is now to be held at Rio's Banana Cafe (Bar-Restaurant), Port Camille Rayon, Golfe-Juan. Older Raftracers will remember that we held our famous 'Pirate Party' here 10 years ago in 2002, and what a Night to Remember that was. Local award winning band 'The Yachtbreakers' lead an all star entertainment program that will play to the end. See all the details here.
5th February 2012 MAN TO MONACO in Antibes ! Isle of Man kayak enthusiast and previous Raftrace Fancy Dress Winner Chris Allix - well known Director of Dominion Marine Corporate Services - wanted to enter our Raftrace, but as he has no room to carry the required 'female' on board we have appointed him as our 'Raftrace Judge Afloat'. "I am kayaking from the Isle of Man to Monaco later this year, for charity, and thought this would be a good way to get used to the Med", gasped Chris as he hauled himself ashore after a brisk mornings paddling across the Irish Sea.  See full details of Chris's trip here. We look forward to welcoming Chris to Antibes on Raftrace Day. As a Raftrace Judge - he gets a free hat.
15th January 2012 The Queen's Birthday is on 21st April - Raftrace Day - so we have decided to have each raft carry a birthday card during the race, and first one to post the card at the finish will be the winner. We hope that Her Majesty has as much fun as we will on the day.
5th January 2012 CHANGE OF DATE - Following traditional 'Raftrace Practice' we have changed the date of the 2012 Antibes Raft Race. The new date is Saturday 21st April 2012. The Mairie, Port Vauban and the IYCA have kindly agreed to the new date, so now it's all systems go for the Raft Race, although we still await the official OK for our evening "TITANIC" Fancy Dress Party.
1st December 2011 MAIRIE GIVES OK - The Mairie announced that they, Port Vauban and the IYCA, all give the green light for the 2012 Raft Race on Saturday 31st March 2012. We still await the official OK for our evening party at the Vide Grenier Centre on the RN7 - so fingers crossed.
26th October 2011 After much deliberation we have finally decided on the date for the 2012 Raft Race. Subject to the OK from the Mayor, Port Vauban and IYCA the Race will be on Saturday 31st March 2012 followed by an evening 'TITANIC' Fancy Dress Party at the Vide-Grenier Centre (ex Vilmorin Garden Centre), 31 Avenue de Nice (RN7), 06600 Antibes.
16th August 2011 Early raft design makes winners ! At least that what local Naval Architect & Yacht Surveyor Richard Sarre feels, and he has shared his initial design with us. "This layout provides the crew with proper rest and leisure facilities as provided for in the ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006", quips Richard. "It is stable, comfortable, and - in line with the 'Environmentally Friendly' theme of the 2012 Raft Race - it is recyclable as floating accommodation on the lake for the 24hr Racing at Le Mans in June 2012." Interested Raftracers can contact Richard at 
10th August 2011 The actual year of the 2nd Race, which has been a point of heated debate for some years, has now been clarified. See for the details.
 9th August 2011 Our new website is launched (you are looking at it !)

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