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2012 Antibes Raft Race - Home Page

The Environmentally Friendly

(Motto "Who cares who wins")
Saturday 21st April 2012
Port Vauban / International Yacht Club d'Antibes
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A Day & Night to Remember
Our 2012 Raft Race was held in IYCA / Port Vauban on Saturday 21st April. Over 1000 Raft Race Fans turned out to watch 22 Rafts battle there way across the Port. Weather was bright sunshine with a cross wind of some 20 knots - making Raft Racing even more entertaining to the spectators. The course was modified at the last minute, and the Bowline Stop eliminated to avoid the Rafts having to cross the mouth of the Port with the strong tailwind. News of this change of plan failed to reach the Marshals at the Drinks Stop, who continued to direct some of the Rafts towards the Bowline Stop - leading to much confusion. Smart Raft Masters ignored the directions, and made fast time directly back to the Start/Finish line. Official Protests were later considered, and dismissed.

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5 minute movie, courtesy of

Overall winner was "BANANA RAFT", with "TEAM BIG FISH" a very close second, and "SPANDEX SUPER HEROS" skippered by Raft Race veteran and Raft Race Association President Gary Morton a very respectable third place.
The coveted award for the Biggest Cheat was won by "KNIGHT RIDER MEETS THE QUEEN" whose Raft (it was discovered on final scrutinising) was powered by two electric motors !

Against strong competition, "THE QUAYS" Raft - which disintegrated shortly after the start (see pic on left) - was an obvious winner of the Chris Allix Cup for Total Incompetence in Rafting. As their team missed the Evening Party & Prize Giving, we held a special ceremony at The Quays Irish Pub to present the prestigious award to them. Mark O'Connell snapped our picture which shows Jacky Baker from Dominion Consultants (who sponsored the award) with The Quays Raft Team and the Trophy which is now proudly displayed behind the Bar.

See full list of the Trophy Winners  online NOW. .

Official Judges for the day were David Skellon, Norma Trease, Andy Davies, Peter Evans, Alex Braden, Phillipe Cotel, Joey Meen, Chris Allix (who as Judge Afloat in his Kayak made a number of successful rescues and gave tows to some of the Rafts), Zelda Lunt, Charlie Binyon, Russell Lunt, and Ian Giel from LNC Engineering who disappeared into the crowd early in the proceedings and missed the crucial Judges Meeting at which the Trophy Winners were decided - including the choice of "THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN" Raft as winner of LNC's own Award for the Best Engineered Raft. We are sure that Ian would have approved.  

100 years ago - on 31st March 1912 - the construction of the Olympic-class passenger steamship RMS "TITANIC" was completed at Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast for her owners White Star Line. 2 weeks later the ship was tragically lost overnight 14/15th April, and the survivors reached New York aboard "Carpathia" on 18th April. To commemorate this event our  2012 evening 'bash' was a 'TITANIC' Fancy Dress Party and took place on Saturday 21st April 2012 at Rio's Banana Cafe (BAR-CLUB), Port Camille Rayon, Golfe-Juan. 10 years previously we held our 2002 Pirate Fancy Dress Party there - see all the photos of this great day on our history pages.  

Our previous Antibes Raft Race took place in the International Yacht Club d'Antibes around lunchtime on Saturday 4th May, 2002. Click here to see the photos !   ...and Wow...   Click here to see the full movies of the Raftraces in 1994, 1996, 2002 and now....2012.


T-Shirt Promotion at The Hop Store 30/3/2012

Our keen sales team visited the Ports selling our 2012 T shirts and Caps with a choice of designs (click on the designs to enlarge) and sizes, and all with our Sponsors Panel on the back. Our 'Raftrace' quality T-shirts were only Ten Euros, and the embroidered Raftrace Caps Fifteen Euros.

Our busy Raftrace T-Shirt Team in action at Latino's in Antibes 6th April 2012.....

...and at the Antibes Yacht Show on Friday 13th April

The Antibes Yacht Show were
very accommodating to our
Raft Race Committee - giving
us the use of The Captain's
Lounge for our important pre-
Raftrace Week Meeting. As
is common practice at our
lively Raftrace Committee
Meetings - there was lots of
discussion, but few decisions.
"Everything seems to be going
fine", summarised Raftrace
Party Bar Supremo Charlie
Binyon bewteen gulps of AYS

Meetings of the Marshals &
Safety Teams, and for the
Raftmasters were held just
prior to the Raft Race.


Prior to 2002, the previous actual Raft Race we had was in 1996. Those who were there are still talking about it - and  we donated some FF 90,000 to charity. One of the highlights of the 1996 RaftRace was the very fast Cow Shed Raft - which managed a couple of circuits of the Course before joining the other rafts in a photo-finish. Later scrutinising revealed the Cow Shed was sneakily powered by a jetski - so an obvious candidate for the 'Best Cheat' award.

In 2002 we worked hard to better the 1996 Race's total. Thanks to the generous sponsorship we received, we raised Euros 24,000 (Yes - TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND EUROS). The cheque-giving ceremony took place at 18hrs on Wednesday 31st July, 2002. The Maire of Antibes - M. Jean Leonetti - was represented by Conseiller Municipal Joseph Vitale. 

Russell Lunt - Hon Secretary of the Antibes Raft Race Association presents our cheque for Euros 12,000 to Mr. Tournemire for the Antibes Lifeboat Station in the presence of Antibes Conseiller Joseph Vitale.

Madame Raffalli receives our cheque for Euros 6,000 for the School for Guide-Dogs in Biot.

Madame Sheena Insull grabbing our cheque for Euros 6,000 for S.C.A.M.T. Sheena also worked hard for the RaftRace committee.


In 2012 we raised TWENTY SIX THOUSAND EUROS for the following charities

The Antibes Lifeboat - Societe Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (S.N.S.M) - Antibes Station

ENCOMPASS - youth development and peacebuilding charity which works to bring together young people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Les Restaurants du Coeur - welfare organisation which distributes meals to the needy



The cheques were presented to the charities on 1st June 2012

Click Here to make a donation - it's not too late !


Saturday 21st April 2012 certainly was a day and night to be remembered. 22 Rafts turned out for the Raft Race and hundreds attended the evening "TITANIC" party. Those that missed it are kicking themselves !

Make sure that you don't miss the next Antibes Raft Race - date to be announced.

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