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2002 The Race

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2002 Antibes Raft Race - The Race

PhotoCredits given whenever possible - thanks to those who send them in:
Patrick Denton, Director, Photolumiere, Cannes Office (direct line) 33 4 92 59 17 21.
Charlie Lammas. M.Y. "NO ESCAPE", Cannes., Antibes. Tel 04 93 34 41 18
Mark Dezzani, Europa Productions / Radio Caroline South. Tel  (+39) 0184 223 007 

Lined up and ready for the start. One of the crew had to run ashore to collect a football (May 4th was FA Cup Final Day as well!). (photolumiere)

RaftRacers run back to their rafts with their footballs. (Mark Dezzani)


"EMINEM EXPERIENCE" tries to increase waterline length (and speed) by submerging early in the race. (Charlie Lammas)

The fun begins - orange smoke from hard-to-dispose-of-flares create the atmosphere. (Mark Dezzani)

On the first leg - heading towards the beer stop. (photolumiere)

RaftMaster Jamie Green and crew with "EMINEM EXPERIENCE" went on to win The Dockwalk Cup for the Most Newsworthy Crew. (Charlie Lammas)

RaftMaster Osorio Sobrinho and crew of "GOSTOSA" chase the leaders on the first leg. (photolumiere)

RaftRacers paddle headlong for the beer raft - always a popular stop. (Charlie Lammas)

(Mark Dezzani)
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"HAWAIIN BOOZIE ROKKET" with Alan Galet and crew. They went on to take the coveted David Skellon Award for the Biggest Cheat. (photolumiere)

Marten Thomsen and crew from M.Y. "CALIXE" with their winning raft "FLINTSTONES". They won the Caramba Cup for the Winning Raft and the Peter Filer Memorial Cup for the Most Entertaining Behaviour. (photolumiere)

"CAFE CANNIBALE" holding her own against stiff competition. (Charlie Lammas)

The "NORSK ESKAPE" crew won the PYA Trophy for the Most Professional Crew. (photolumiere)

Crowd in the terraces strain to see the leaders at the half-way point. (VirtuallyOnboard)

Charlie Lammas and crew of "NORSK ESKAPE" (photolumiere)

RaftMistress Nicole Maurice with Camper & Nicholsons entry "PUPPY PADDLERS" near the finish line. (photolumiere)

Neil (Ox) Anderson and RaftRacers from M.Y. "LADY Z" on board their raft "RIFF RAFT". They won the Peter Insull Plate for the Hardest Working Crew. (photolumiere)

"HOT STUFF" paddle for home. (photolumiere)

The mandatory lifejackets have proved a useful addition the the Raft's inventory over the years. (Mark Dezzani)

Detail of the "KINGDOM 5KR" entry - they took the Techman Trophy for Best Crew Fancy Dress. (photolumiere)

A later pic of the Kingdom entry - "FEU DU BOIS".
(Mark Dezzani)

Jean Allier and crew of "OL' MAN RIVER" joins the race towards the finish. (Mark Dezzani)

Jean  and his hopeless crew managed to sink or disable a number of other rafts. (Mark Dezzani)

Safety Boats supplied by Blue Water were kept busy, and a number of I.C.C's were awarded. (Mark Dezzani)

Salvage Rights were waived in this case. (Mark Dezzani)

"RASTAIYCA" on the final leg. (Charlie Lammas)

I.Y.C.A. entry "RASTAIYCA" approaches the finish in third place. (photolumiere)

"FLINTSTONES" crew is just crawling on to the quay with his football - nearer the goal - as "HAWAIIN BOOZIE ROKKET" Portside bowsman sprints down the quay to take his shot at goal. (photolumiere) 

After some foul-play by "HAWAIIN BOOZIE ROKKET", it's neck and neck as they run to the goal - and it's "FLINTSTONES" that score first! (photolumiere)

The exciting finish to the 2002 Antibes Raft Race
with the 'Goalies' waiting !


"HAWAIIN BOOZIE ROKKET" Starboard aft stroke -AFTER THE RACE. (photolumiere)

"HAWAIIN BOOZIE ROKKET" Starboard forward stroke - BEFORE THE RACE..... (photolumiere)

......AND AFTER. (photolumiere)

Veteran RaftRacer Mal Green enjoys dry land after the lunchtime race. (photolumiere)

RaftRace Boss Gary Morton - getting his feet wet !
(Mark Dezzani)


Jean Allier (left) and crew of "OL' MAN RIVER". They won the award for 'Total Incompetence in Rafting' (Mark Dezzani)

Some of the keen RaftRace aficionados who turned out despite the weather. (VirtuallyOnboard)

Typical RaftRace weather, but it takes more than this to deter the RaftRacers. (VirtuallyOnboard)

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