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2002 Pirate Party

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2002 Antibes Raft Race - The Evening Pirate Party

PhotoCredits given whenever possible - thanks to those who send them in:
Patrick Denton, Director, Photolumiere, Cannes Office (direct line) 33 4 92 59 17 21.
Charlie Lammas. M.Y. "NO ESCAPE", Cannes., Antibes. Tel 04 93 34 41 18
Mark Dezzani, Europa Productions / Radio Caroline South. Tel  (+39) 0184 223 007 

Heather Skipper wins Best Ladies Fancy Dress Prize for her 'Pirate's Treasure Chest'. (Mark Dezzani)
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Chris Allix from Isle of Man takes Best Men's Fancy Dress Award for his 'Captain Hook'. (Mark Dezzani)

Happy Winning RaftRacers with their 2002 Antibes Raft Race Medals. (Mark Dezzani)

'It's That Man Again'.....Mark Dezzani spinning the plastic.

Chris Russell (left) and Cheryl Starkie (centre) getting to grips with the HotDogs on the PINMAR sponsored 'Joe's Hamburger Bar'

A very rare pic of the YACHTBREAKERS - in concert. From left - John Lloyd (Vocals), Chris Brown, John Morris. (Mark Dezzani)

Neil Egan (foreground) and Cathia Gely getting into gear with famous Sophie based Group ID90. Jorma Pietikainen on Bass in the background, Dick Sarre on Drums (hidden by Neil) and Mark Wynn on Keyboard (out of shot). (Mark Dezzani)

YACHTBREAKERS guitarist and Head Raft Race Marshal Jumpin' John Morris feeling for a 'G' string. (Reuters)

Lead singer from SADDALIEN makes a point. (Mark Dezzani)

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Early mornin' feeling...from SADDALIEN. (Mark Dezzani)

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