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2002 Line-Up

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2002 Antibes Raft Race - getting ready for the start.

PhotoCredits given whenever possible - thanks to those who send them in:
Patrick Denton, Director, Photolumiere, Cannes Office (direct line) 33 4 92 59 17 21.
Charlie Lammas. M.Y. "NO ESCAPE", Cannes., Antibes. Tel 04 93 34 41 18
Mark Dezzani, Europa Productions / Radio Caroline South. Tel  (+39) 0184 223 007 


Getting ready for the start on 4th May 2002. (photolumiere)

Paul Thomas and crew of "WET DREAMS" which won The Dockwalk Bowl for the Most Newsworthy Crew 2. (photolumiere)

"WET DREAMS" cruise to the start line. (Mark Dezzani)

"NORSK ESKAPE" practising the high-paddle technique before the start. (Mark Dezzani)

Marten Thomsen and crew from M.Y. "CALIXE" with their winning raft "FLINTSTONES" as they paddle to the start.

M.Y. "KINGDOM 5KR" raft entry "CAFE CANNIBALE - FEU DU BOIS" glides towards the start line. (photolumiere)

Don't let this "HAWAIIAN BOOZIE ROKKET" raftracer's look of innocent fool you - see later. (photolumiere)

A very dry lookin' Viking  RaftRacer from "WET DREAMS" before the start. (photolumiere) 

"HAWAIIN BOOZIE ROKKET" RaftRacer and weapons officer - she helped them be the Biggest Cheat. (photolumiere)
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One of the "HOT STUFF" crew taking some cold stuff. (photolumiere)

Bob Saxon Associates gets some free advertising to the thousands of RaftRace fans attending in Antibes on 4th May. (Mark Dezzani)

BSA was purchased by The Rodriguez Group shortly after this high profile Riviera appearance

Security was the name of the game at Raft Race. Nothing was left to chance. This pic shows our crowd control precautions.

Tim Williams from Valbonne Security - one of the RaftRace sponsors. (Mark Dezzani)

All smiles and confidence from Mark before the kick-off.

Early Rafts at the start dock. This corner position was much in demand. (Mark Dezzani)

"Just about to join my yacht" is what this RaftRacer will tell his grandkids !

RaftRace President Gary Morton, who got his feet wet again - see Race pics. (Mark Dezzani)

RaftRace Secretary - dry footed Russell Lunt - who managed to stay 'dry' until the evening Pirate Party. (Mark Dezzani)

RaftRacers relaxing before the kick-off. (photolumiere)

Antibes Lifeboat delivers a refreshing hose down at the start. (photolumiere)


Antibes Lifeboat is the main recipient of the funds raised by the Antibes Raft Race. (Mark Dezzani)

Riz, and crew of "AMADEUS" relaxing before the start. 
(Mark Dezzani)

Pre-Race Cocktails were openly offered to Judges. The final list of winners obviously reflects this. (Mark Dezzani)

"EMINEM" dayworker tries punting as an alternative. (Mark Dezzani)

"EMINEM" crew in high pre-race spirits. They went on to win one of the Dockwalk Awards.
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Cafe Cannibale neatly moored at the start line. (Charlie Lammas)

Rafts jostle to get the prime 'end-of-quay' start position. (Charlie Lammas)

"RIFF RAFT", "NORSK ESKAPE" and "EMINEM EXPERIENCE"  joining just before the start. (Charlie Lammas)

Crew of "FLINTSTONES" strutting their caveman stuff. (Charlie Lammas)

Lined up and ready for the start. One of the crew had to run ashore to collect a football (May 4th was FA Cup Final Day as well!). (photolumiere)
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