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2002 Charities

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Antibes Raft Race

It All Happened on

Saturday 4th May, 2002

and we raised

Euros 24,000


Our last Antibes Raft Race took place in the International Yacht Club d'Antibes around lunchtime on Saturday 4th May, 2002. 
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The evening 'bash' - a Pirate Fancy Dress Party - took place at Rio's Banana Cafe (BAR-CLUB), Port Camille Rayon, Golfe-Juan. See all the details and photos of this great day on our history pages.

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...We will be selling hats and T shirts for the 2012 Raftrace - same high quality as the (collectable) 2002 ones.

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Prior to last Raftrace in 2002, the previous actual Raft Race we had was in 1996 - and those who were there are still talking about it - and  we donated some FF 90,000 to charity.



In 2002 we worked for: 

The Antibes Lifeboat - Societe Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (S.N.S.M) - Antibes Station

S.C.A.M.T. - a non-governmental humanitarian aid association which sends medical equipment and supplies to Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and other countries which really need help.

The Guide Dog School
- Le Chien Guide, 
Ecole du Sud, 
649, Chemin du Plan,
 06410 Biot, France. 
Tel 04 93 65 08 36

We worked hard to better the 1996 Race's total. Thanks to the generous sponsorship we received, we raised Euros 24,000 (Yes - TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND EUROS). We sincerely thank all our sponsors - see the full list on our 2002 SPONSORS PAGE.

The cheque-giving ceremony took place at 18hrs on Wednesday 31st July, 2002 at our then RaftRace HQ, 21 rue Aubernon, 06600 Antibes. The Maire of Antibes - M. Jean Leonetti - was represented by Conseiller Municipal Joseph Vitale. 

Russell Lunt - Hon Secretary of the Antibes Raft Race Association presents our cheque for Euros12,000 to Mr. Tournemire for the Antibes Lifeboat Station in the presence of Antibes Conseiller Joseph Vitale.

Madame Raffalli receives our cheque for Euros 6,000 for the School for Guide-Dogs in Biot.

Madame Sheena Insull grabbing our cheque for Euros 6,000 for S.C.A.M.T. Sheena also worked hard for the RaftRace committee.



Saturday 4th May 2002 certainly was a great day. 22 Rafts turned out for the Raft Race and hundreds attended the evening PIRATE PARTY in Golfe Juan. Those that missed these events have been kicking themselves ever since !


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