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1st Race

Photo's of the first Raft Race - 1979 1981
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Please e-mail to us if you can better identify which year, which raft, which crew

"CARAMBA" raft under construction. Felix and Ginger Steve caught in a rare moment of activity.

One of "CARAMBA" toilets serves as ammunition dump on their raft 'Hawaii 5 0'.

A very crisp 'Hawaii 5 0' - just after launching. The 5th crew is leaning against the mast and probably shoving-off.

Early sinking

LOOK - we're floating

Jack Smith sharing his wide knowledge of Rafting with his crew

Colin Skinner calls the stroke "Gin - Tonic, Gin - Tonic'as 'Hawaii 5 0' crew pull away.

"CARAMBA" raft 'Hawaii 5 0' under full power, with Colin Skinner, Ginger Steve, Felix Robinson, Charlie Binyon and Mark the Aussie dayworker.

'Hawaii 5 0' shortly after the start from the Graveyard in Port Vauban

Colin Skinner stands on 'Hawaii 5 0' ready to repel attack.

Can you identify this raft and crew ?

'ERNA' raft with Julian Mills. This Oxford/Cambridge look-alike was built from a Baglietto exhaust box.

Poor quality picture of mid-race blues.
Anyone got any more photos of this historic 1st Raft Race - now almost certainly established as being run in 1981 ?
Thanks to Charlie Binyon, Colin Skinner, Sally Finbow, John Startinfield, and Fiona Colborne
  for providing these.

Dave Ryder gets his feet wet as 'ERNA' raft crew investigate damage stability.

Rare pic of the original 'Caramba Cup' - donated and won by M.Y. "CARAMBA". Here we see it being retrieved after post-race high-jinks.

Steve Baxter and crew

Jubilant "CARAMBA" crew after their famous First RaftRace victory.

The Start

The Start of the 1st Raft Race

The Start

Bosun's Locker

Bosun's Locker

Heading Home

The Finish of the 1st Raft Race

Pete Filer

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