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Photo's of the 1996 Antibes Raft Race
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The START - a 3-legged race to collect a parrot.

Sheena Insull and Christine Standring ready to 'dish-out the birds'.

Parrots collected, its a dash back to the raft to get under way.

'British Beef' crew from 'Siran' loose a horn. The delay would cost them valuable seconds.
CowCrew from 'Simply Offal' - the entry from Ship-to-Shore carpentry.

Acme Raft Testing Co's official entry (from Colin Skinner), under non-destructional testing.

'Apollo 13.5' - the entry from 'Rio Rita', power away. They won the Peter Insull's Plate for Best Crew.

Digger and 'Siran' crew 'power-away' for real on their suspiciously quick entry 'British Beef'.

'British Beef' makes a couple of circuits of the Port before starting the race for real.

'British Beef' heads out to sea for a short trip around the bay.

Back from her voyage, 'British Beef' heads to the beer-stop.

Beer-stop (and possible refuelling) for 'British Beef'

Rare - revealing shot of 'British Beef'.

Got any more snaps of the 1996 Race ?

Mail them to us with as much detail as you can remember (if any) and we will scan and publish them here.


'Mad Cow' - the entry form I.Y.C.A. and winner of the Caramba Cup for the winning raft.
Jamie Beirne and crew of 'Simply Offal'.

Mid-course. Can you identify the raft and crew ?

Antibes Pompiers carrying out fire-drill before the start.

'Fireballs' won the PYA Cup for the Best Looking Raft.

Pompiers raft 'Fireballs' gives as good as it gets when it comes to hosepipe fights.

The beer stop at 'La Gaffe' raft was the focal point of the 1996 RaftRace.

Paddling home

Antibes Lifeboat on station at the finish.

'Fireballs' heads for dry-docking after the finish.

All is revealed - the power pack for the 'Siran' entry 'British Beef'. They were natural winners of the Pair of Oars for Biggest Cheats (2nd time running).

A very tired 'Simply Offal' crew at the finish.

One, Two, THREE...a wet finish for one of the RaftMasters.

The Pompiers Team

Two happy finishers

Jamie Beirne (left) and fellow RaftRacer (looks like Jean-Philippe Ghiglione) - winner of the Camper & Nicholsons Cup for the Best Fancy Dress on their raft 'Simply Offal'.

End of Raftrace cocktails on board the Antibes Lifeboat

Tom Stanley in his 'observer' status. Tom is wearing the full 1996 Raftrace livery - Official Tee shirt and hat.

A fine mid-race detail

"To be suitably dressed is to be well-dressed"


Got any more snaps of the 1996 Race ?

Mail them to us with as much detail as you can remember (if any) and we will scan and return.

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