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Photo's of the 1994 Antibes Raft Race
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Please e-mail to us if you can better identify which year, which raft, which crew
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...and the're under starters orders for the 1994 Antibes Raft Race

Arab-Pirate raft all set for a Mediterranean cruise.

Raft Race Boss Gary Morton as bowthruster and brother Robbie at the stern power away to an early lead.

Colin Skinner with 'Unfair Pirates' in useful outside position.

Alan Smith with 'Rio Rooter' Viking raft power ahead of 'Unfair Pirates'.

and as they head up past "KINGDOM"...

"SIRAN"s entry

Recognise this RaftRacer?

'Rio Rooter' lookin' stable and comfortable mid-race.

S.Y "OUTLAW"'s entry 'Wot Law' with crew in No.1 Mess Kit.

'Unfair Pirates' sneak through in their Novarania 'raft'.

A refreshing mid-course hose down for the RaftRacers

From left,Jean-Philippe Guiglione, Jamie Beirne and 'Gang Bang' crew manoeuvre to best attacking position

Mark Yendle (centre) standing-to on 'Big Dogs (unprintable)'. Mark now has his Class IV.

Car wash time, courtesy of the I.Y.C.A. safety boat.

Arab-Pirate raft comes through the sandstorm.


Siran, Digger in command

Very quick 2-man entry. Who is on board ?

Hosedown for unidentified leader

Mark Yendle's entry - with 4 crew

Recognise anyone ?
Got any snaps of the 1994 Race ?

Mail them to us with as much detail as you can remember (if any) and we will scan and return.


Alan Smith and crew from 'Rio Rita' on 'Rio Rooter'

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